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Sandblasting Auckland is a sandblasting service provider based in the Auckland area run by Blastoff Solutions. We specialise in sandblasting services for various surfaces, including metal, wood, glass, stone, and concrete, for instance.

We have years of experience in sandblasting construction materials such as brick, stone, and concrete. In addition, we use sandblasting to remove rust, paint, graffiti, and other stains from various surfaces using sand or soda as the media for sandblasting.

Our services include: sandblasting for the removal of coatings, sandcarving for etching and sanding, sandblasting for rust removal, sandblasting for graffiti removal, sandblasting of metal surfaces, glass sandblasting and more. With our reliable sandblasting services, you can trust that your cover will be cleaned quickly and efficiently. We also offer free estimates and competitive pricing.

About Us

At Sandblasting Auckland, we are proud to furnish the people of our great metropolitan area with premier sandblasting services. Our locally-owned business has access to advanced equipment and hoses capable of conquering any surface material—from concrete and wood to metal. Drawing from years of experience in this industry, for instance, you can trust us for your next sandblast project!

Here at Sandblasting Auckland, we have a true passion for our work. We take pride in removing dirt and grime from all sorts of materials, therefore, leaving them sparkling clean and silky smooth. In conclusion, our team loves nothing more than to make way for renewal with every sandblasting job!

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Sandblasting Auckland’s specialists offer a comprehensive suite of services to ensure that your surfaces are clean and ready for the next step. In addition, by eliminating rust, paint, scale, discoloration or any other unwanted layers from any material surface imaginable. Above all, our team can do it all! We also guarantee a perfect finish every time with our preparation services.

In conclusion, our team of sandblasting experts are equipped to handle any project, big or small! We can easily tackle industrial and residential applications, as well as boat and car blasting. Our gallery showcases the level of quality you’ll get when you choose us for your sandblasting needs. Similarly, we’re even experienced with modern techniques like dustless blasting and soda blasting. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have a specialized job that requires precision.

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  • Automotive

  • Concrete

  • Marine

  • Graffiti removal

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dustless blasting auckland

Dustless Blasting

Our team of expert sandblasters is highly experienced in the cutting-edge technique of dustless blasting. This ecofriendly method provides state-of-the-art results on any surface – from objects, to metals and even softwoods. In comparison to traditional soda blasting methods for instance, this new technology offers a safer solution with exceptional precision for an unbeatable finish every time!.

At Sandbalsting Auckland, we are excited to show you the revolutionary power of dustless blasting! Our ecofriendly service takes projects to the next level. In addition, It’s both efficient and sustainable. Plus, no sanding or grinding is required! When you work with us, your project will be taken care of quickly by our experienced team. Call us now so that we can get started on a more advanced future in blasting today!

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Mobile Sandblasting

Yep, we come to you! Mobile sandblasting is a process of blasting media at surfaces to remove paint, rust or other debris via compressed air. At Sandblasting Auckland, we understand that our customers aren’t always able to bring their project into the shop – and so we offer mobile sandblasting services in and around the Auckland area. Our team comes to you on-site with all necessary equipment needed for off site sandblasting jobs, making it easy and convenient for you to get your projects done when they need to be completed.

We are passionate about providing top quality service no matter where you may be located; whether inside Auckland city limits or outside of them. We strive to make sure every customer receives an exceptional experience with us each and every time.

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Boat Sandblasting

Sandblasting Auckland offers a wide variety of services for seagoing vessels, from luxurious boats to rigs. We understand that it is paramount to protect your boat’s bottom from erosion and at the same time care about our environment. With Sandblasting Auckland you can do both. However, keeping your vessel preserved while staying mindful of Mother Nature without going over budget!

Do you have an issue with unsightly build-up stains on your boat? If so, then we are the experts for the job! Our passion is sandblasting and our team knows exactly how to handle a variety of issues depending on what type of vessel it is, as well as its severity for instance. Contact us today and let us provide you with professional service that will bring back that beautiful shine in no time!

Industrial Sandblasting

At Sandblasting Auckland, we are highly knowledgeable in all types of sandblasting services, from industrial to residential. Our team has a plethora of experience with tackling any industrial sandblasting project that you may have!

Furthermore, our advanced sandblasters are sure to impress and make short work of any unwanted material on virtually any size surface. At our shop, you’ll find a wide selection of blasting media for all industrial purposes such as soda-blasting, shot-blasting, dustless-blasting and more! Don’t wait around – reach out today for your custom solution!


Why Choose Sandblasting Auckland

Experience, Versatility, and Fair Pricing

With years of sandblasting experience, our team is highly qualified and knowledgeable in all aspects of sandblasting, ensuring quality results every time.

High-Quality Workmanship

We are committed to providing the highest quality sandblasting services available. Our sandblast machines are state-of-the-art, and in addition, our sand is carefully selected to ensure the best results.


Our sandblasting staff are always safety conscious, and use appropriate protective equipment while sandblasting. Furthermore, we ensure all jobs are completed in a safe manner that meets or exceeds industry standards.


Our sandblasting service is a great choice for a multitude of surface preparation and restoration projects. With this process, high-pressure media such as sand, glass bead, or plastic abrasives are used to effectively eliminate corrosion, rusting, and paint from the workpiece’s surface–giving it an entirely new life! Take advantage of our cutting-edge technology today to restore any type of project you have in mind!

Sandblasting is a powerful technique used to refurbish and clean surfaces by shooting high-pressure water or dry air with materials onto the object. This process can dramatically improve an item’s look, as well as its overall condition.

Blasting is a novel and safe way to provide different types of services for all sorts of items, from crafted pieces to metal objects. Not only can it be used to strip paint or remove contaminants, but it also provides the perfect solution if you desire either a smoother surface or one with more texture. With blasting capabilities, anything your heart desires on the surface of an item is achievable!

Sandblasting is an excellent and speedy method for getting any object back into prime condition. Not only does it give shape to the item, but compared with common sandpapers, it’s far less abrasive – which means no more mess! You also have various media options available when using different sandblasting techniques, providing endless possibilities for unique outcomes.

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Media Blasting Auckland


Sandblasting is the most efficient way to clean, refine and contour any object type – including wood, metals, stones, and beyond.
Sandblasting is a much more powerful and effective technique than sandpapering, resulting in a smoother surface with superior quality. It ensures each corner or hard-to-reach area of your object has the same level of finish as the rest – something that can be difficult to achieve through manual methods.

SB uses highly pressurised air or water mixed with fine-grit media such as glass beads, sand, and other abrasives. A nozzle directs the blast at an object’s surface to remove dirt, restore its natural shine, or refine it. This is one of the most effective ways to ensure the exceptional quality of any given item.

SB is a compelling method of eliminating paint, oil, and toxins from a surface. It’s the go-to technique for removing deadly substances such as E.coli and salmonella that may otherwise cause harm to people or animals if left untreated. Sandblasting will rapidly restore any object’s appearance without damaging its underlying structure – leaving it looking like new!

Over the years, the sandblasting industry has developed a range of media materials that are more eco-friendly than traditional sand. These alternatives include steel shot, glass beads, organic material like corn cob, and powdered abrasives, which come in many grades suited to different projects. With these advancements, we can successfully eliminate our dependence on old-fashioned sand for good!

​That said, for sandblasting for the environmentally friendly client, professionals can use different organic materials like walnut shells and corn cobs for various applications, despite their delicate or rough nature. Organic mediums will provide many distinct finishes to a variety of other objects.

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CONTACT Sandblasting Auckland

Our East Auckland-based sandblasting services are second to none. Our qualified and highly experienced sandblasters provide detailed, knowledgeable answers to all your queries.

In conclusion, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone or email for a friendly, professional response that is tailored directly toward you! We guarantee politeness and the utmost respect when serving our valued customers.

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